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KD Energy & Space

Welcome to KD BROWS, a luxurious space that functions as a respite for wary clients seeking sanctuary from their hectic pace. It’s an oasis meant to revive the brows and stimulate the spirit. 


The rigors of life can be taxing, but KD Brows stands out as a meditative place dedicated to self-care and beauty. We offer an array of services from precision brow waxing, microblading to complimentary audio mediation. 


The health and well-being of our clients come first, KD only uses and carries high-end, environmentally safe, cruelty-free, and non-toxic products. KD’s environmental consciousness naturally extends to an eco-friendly space.

 It’s one of the many reasons why KD BROWS has quickly become Studio City’s hottest destination for stunning expert brows; while also offering a safe space for clients to be wholly themselves. Its neutral colors, relaxing aromatic scents, and Katya’s calming presence allows customers to truly relax. Inspired by luxury spas, every treatment will be sure to Rejuvenate. Regenerate. Recharge.


The Visionary & The Owner

"Beauty isn’t just skin deep ... to embody true beauty; one must first go deep within themselves.


A philosophy that visionary owner and multifaceted artist Katya Dmitrenco personifies.

Her beauty radiates from the care and dedication that she gives to herself and to her clients. 


Having profoundly adept skills as a licensed permanent makeup artist, esthetician, and trainer, plus over a decade of work under the tutelage of the world-renowned Anastasia Soare at Anastasia of Beverly Hills, Katya is the best at what she does. She learned the intricate skill of eyebrow and beauty artistry. 


While training, she quickly discovered an element of learning that could not be duplicated.

Her natural abilities, her healing energy wrapped in her calm disposition, and her infinite capacity to listen to her clients afforded her a loyal A-list client base that she has to this day.


With a vision to build her own company and a mission to offer restorative beauty treatments, Katya officially founded and opened KD BROWS in 2015. Katya continues to develop new techniques and is creating a line of unique permanent makeup tools, supplies as well as eyebrow makeup products to help her clients and other professional artists. Katya’s desire to stay on the cutting edge of technology in the beauty industry puts her cut above other brow specialists. In addition, her gentle touch and passion are why she continues to thrive in this competitive market.


Meet The Team

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